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was born

Due to Prophetic Ordination

I was Born in Victoria Nursing Home at Vistabella San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago on the Ninth of November Nineteen Eighty-Five[09/11/1985], my name is Kande Michaele Murray, Kande is an African name given to me by my Mother, the name means “First Born”, however I am not the first in my mother’s Children I am the third, the number three[3] is Prophetic, [Representing the Trinity/Father, Son & Holy Spirit]. I am the fifth in my Father’s Children, the number five[5] represents Grace from God, I was Born into “Prophetic Position” Michaele is a Hebrew name which means “Close to God”. Everything that I have faced throughout my life until today are all lessons from the Lord, as I was being tried by God’s Fire so that I can function today representing the Kingdom of God as I walk in his Perfection fulfilling Purpose and Perusing Spiritual Wisdom.

“Poverty is a lie ! It is just the result of Low Self-esteem, Laziness and Generational Curses”

A Generational Curse is basically a stronghold that you were born into, which affected your Bloodline for decades prior. These are handed down without intention and need to be broken so that the cycle of sorrow in whatever area of your life can cease.

“Wealth is the Capacity to see the Lord lifting you Above average Limitations, How Far you can See is how High you’ll Go !”

You may laugh a someone for their perspective on things if you to not have the eyes to see where they are going to be taken due to their Sanctified Vision. Never Judge, God has the final say and he is the ultimate distributor of Wealth.

“Dearly Beloved, My Mandate is to Share my Love for God with you, and encourage you in your Journey to and through Christ”

I have one daughter Born on the Twenty-fifth of November Twenty Sixteen[25/11/2016]. Her name is Aria Valentina Kayla Murray, Aria means “Lioness” in Hebrew, Valentina means “Strong and Sound” in Hebrew, and in Greek it means “Brave”, Kayla means “Crown or Wise Child”, in Hebrew and the Greek meaning is “Pure”. I nurtured two girls prior to the Lord Blessing me with my Biological daughter which the Lord Blessed me with foiling all previous negative reports against my ability to Conceive.

“Motherhood is an Anointing all by itself”

Quotes and Inspiration

A False Balance is Abomination to the LORD: but a Just Weight is his Delight. Proverbs 11:1

Balance: Spiritual Health – Physical Health – Mental Health

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